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GuidedToursAT is a tour guide agency offering guided tours anywhere in Austria. We offer city walks, sightseeing tours, river cruises and panoramic flights with professional English speaking tour guides as well as guided tours to all Austrian museums and tourist attractions. On demand, our guided tours are also available in many other languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and more.

A brief introduction to Austria

Austria (German: Österreich), is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The name "Ostarrichi" is first mentioned in an official document from 996. Austria is a largely mountainous country due to its location in the Alps. The capital of Austria is the city of Vienna. As a federal republic, Austria is divided into nine federal states. It's best to enjoy Austria's federal areas by spending time in each one. To save money on your accommodation, consider timeshares instead of hotels. That way you can spend your money on tours instead of hotels. Austria also boasts one of the longest ruling royal dynasties recorded, over six centuries of rule. Perhaps you'd like to study the architecture left behind by the Hapsburg dynasty. Or maybe you'd like to ski down the slopes of Zell am See or go swimming in the warm Wörthersee Lake. With timeshare rentals you can enjoy all the areas of Austria at your own pace.

The nine federal states of Austria

Austria is divided into nine federal states which are:

To help you organize your stay in Austria, we have prepared some useful tips for you, including information about money exchange strategies and behaviour guidelines.

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GuidedToursAT provides English speaking tour guide service in all nine federal states of Austria. We offer both public sightseeing tours and private tour guide service anywhere in Austria for groups and individual travelers. Upon request, we can also help you with your hotel reservations, concert ticket bookings, coach and limousine rentals and more. If you are interested in any of our services, please feel free to contact us anytime at !

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